This page is a dedication to the memory of two Cork IRA Volunteers who gave their lives in the Fight For Irish Freedom.

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Through the past 30 years of Irish Republican struggle, Tony and Dermot are remembered with pride by the Republican Movement. We also remember the Volunteers from Cork who died many years previously, they two made the ultimate sacrafice.
Fuair said bas ar son saoirse na hEireann.

Volunteer Dermot Crowley

. Cork Brigade, Oglaigh na hEireann.
. Date Of Birth: 26th August 1954.
. Killed On Active Service: 25th June 1973.
. Circumstances Of Death: Premature explosion near Omagh, County Tyrone.
. Place Of Burial: Rathcooney Cemetery, Cork.

Dermot Crowley lived at 22 St. Josephs Park, Mayfield, Cork City, with his parents, Mary and Jerry, his two brothers, Donal and Colm, sister June and twin sisters Catherine and Roseleen. He attended the North Monastery School in Cork. An active sportsman, Dermot was a member of Clann Eireann Athletic club and represented both club and county in juvenile and youth athletics tournaments. He captained Cork in All-Ireland cross-county events. Although still a teenager, Dermot was very mature for his age. He had an avid interest in history. A politically aware young man, he was considered an able debater. Dermot left school to become an apprentice plaster.

The demands of the Nationalist population in the Six Counties for civil rights and the subsequent brutal response from the Sectarian state and British forces had a major impact on Dermot. He joined the Cork Brigade, Oglaigh na hEireann. Early in 1972 he went on active service with the 1st Battalion, East Tyrone Brigade, IRA. Dermot was killed along with two other comrades Vol. Sean Loughran and Vol. Patrick Carty when the bomb they were transporting in a car exploded prematurely near Omagh, County Tyrone.

Dermot was the second Volunteer of the IRA from the 26 Counties to be killed on active service in the Six Counties during this phase of struggle. Six weeks earlier he attended the funeral of his friend and comrade Vol. Tony Ahern in Cork. It was a measure of his commitment that he returned immediately to active service. Ni FheicFimid a Leitheid aris.

Volunteer Anthony (Tony) Ahern

.Cork Brigade, Oglaigh na hEireann.
.Date Of Birth: 15th November 1955.
.Killed On Active Service: 10th May 1973.
.Circumstances Of Death: Premature explosion near Roslea, County Fermanagh.
.Place Of Burial: St. Marys Cemetery, Carraigline, Co. Cork.

Tony lived with his mother Peg at 27 St. Josephs Park, Mayfield, Cork City. He was the youngest of five brothers: Maurice, Thomas, Liam and Patrick. With his friend and comrade Vol. Dermot Crowley, Tony went to the North Monastery School and also joined the Clann Eireann Athletic Club. He represented both Club and County in juvenile and youth events in athletics. After leaving school Tony began an apprenticeship as a gardener.

Standing over six feet tall with a big physique, he is fondly remembered for his sense of humour. Tony was a very determined, committed and mature young man. The events of the late 1960s and early 1970s made an indelible impression on him. Like many other young volunteers in Cork he was determined to play his part in the freedom revolution. He continually pressed the local leadership to go on active service.

His request was granted and he went to fight alongside the IRA in Fermanagh. The active service unit (ASU) he was attached to had planted a land mine to target British Forces who had been using the Roslea road. The mine went off prematurely at Mullinahinch near Roslea. Tony died on the 10th May 1973.

Tony Ahern was the first volunteer from the 26 Counties to be killed on active service in the occupied Six Counties in this phase of struggle.

Significantly, in terms of the continuity of the freedom struggle, among those who attended the funeral was Joe Clarke who fought in the 1916 rising in the Battle of Mount Street Bridge. It was a salute from one remarkable struggle at the beginning of the last century to those who are set to achieve its objectives in this century. Ni dheanfaimid dearmad air go deo.

Vol. Dermot Crowley

Vol. Tony Ahern


Always Remembered by Cork Sinn Fein